One of our favourite Irish producers, Kerrie debuts on seminal techno label, James Ruskins, Blueprint. The Cork native provides 4 cutting-edge, dance-floor ready techno tracks and we’re massive fans.

The Dark Machine Funk boss yesterday announced her biggest record yet as she debuts on James Ruskin’s, Blueprint.

Since the birth of Ruskin’s imprint Blueprint in 1996 it’s been home to some of the UK’s most celebrated techno records, hosting artists such as Luke Slater, Sigha, Truncate, Rommek, Oliver Ho, Ruskin himself and more.

The EP marks a landmark occasion for Kerrie as she releases on the legendary label. It’s not every day that an Irish producer releases on a label of this magnitude and Kerrie deserves a round of applause from the whole community.

I (happy) cried when I got the masters back and am still honestly pinching myself at the fact that’s it’s happening to be totally honest! Anyone who is in to techno knows of blueprint, it’s a monumental part of the history of techno in the UK (and worldwide) and has always been consistent in terms of quality, never bending to fashions or trends. I can’t even explain in words what this release means to me without almost crying haha. Its literally one of my biggest dreams coming true and I’m so very grateful to one of my all time role models James Ruskin for the opportunity and for believing in my music! To get the stamp of approval from one of your heroes truly is an unreal feeling!

‘Raw Regimen EP’ BP063 is out on vinyl & digital on 11 March and you can pre order via most record shops / digital outlets now. You can listen to the previews via blueprint Soundcloud. Il share some audio clips on here soon too.

You can listen to the previews below.

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