Lobster Theremin have established themselves as one of the true titans when it comes to successful electronic music labels within the last decade. They celebrate the landmark 100th release of the label with Eliza Rose and emerging producer M4A4.

Lobster Theremin boasts some of the most influential records of the last decade in techno, house, electro, jungle, breaks and everything in between.

Out March 18th, ‘Shades of Red’ marks a significant milestone for the London based label, which was launched in 2013 by Jimmy Asquith. The label has since released EPs from DJ Seinfeld, Ross From Friends, Palms Trax and Tim Reaper.

With Shades of Red I wanted to combine my love of Jazz style vocals alongside my love for UK garage in a way that still felt authentic for both sounds”,  said Eliza in the press release. “I’m very interested in revamping and presenting the ‘old skool’ for a new audience while hoping that the people who do have respect for these more retro sounds will also appreciate the tracks. For example the lyrics ‘such an uneasy evil’ ect in Nyt lyf is a nod to the track of the same name which is one of my favourite Jazz standards.”

Listen to All Night Long below.

Lobster Theremin will release Shades of Red on March 18th, 2022.

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