Dublin native Maurice Anthony Moran has recently announced his 8 track album ‘Why does my mind do this?’. The album aims to raise awareness around mental health in Ireland and beyond, from a personal, societal, and a systematic standpoint.

Maurice Anthony Moran is one of Ireland’s most promising electronic producers at the moment. The revered but somewhat sequestered producer remains enigma to many, but an unsung hero of left-field and acid licked productions to those who have been acquainted with Maurice’s work as both Trans Neptunian Orbit & his Maurice Anthony Moran monarch.

Earlier this week, the auspicious producer and DJ announced his most daring and conclusive body of work yet. ‘Why does my mind do this?’ is an eight track album that dives deeper than the dance-floor, and is an inward spiral into Maurice’s head, on both a musical and societal level.

The bulk of the album was written based off the stories of 6 people, all involved within music in Ireland to some capacity. The main idea was to break down these stories from the 3 main mental states – Thought, Emotion, Reaction. 

Maurice’s approach to the album was both personal to him and those who collaborated with him, as the story is personalised from track to track. The lyrics of each track tackles thoughts and also emotion, while the harmonies and melodies aimed to tackle specifically emotion. The sound design, structure and pacing of the tracks were influenced primarily by the reactions, both physical and mental.

Maurice will be hosting an event in the Temple Bar, Arts Gallery to launch the album, and further pursue the topic of mental health in Ireland, with personalised stories and echoes of the album’s makeup and how mental health affected the creation. Mahon McCann will hosting a panel discussion on social media and mental health hosted, followed by an A/V improvised performance of the album, and the final performance will come in the form of a DJ set from Maurice himself.

You can purchase tickets to the album launch HERE.

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