Our favourite new wave duo Nixer are back with a fresh new single entitled ‘Outsider’. The track is an intense snippet of the ‘PEOPLE FEEL’ story that takes place at a house party.

A successful but melancholy initiation for the duo, Nixer emerged in June of 2020 with their track “Your Days Are Over.” Magnolia Mouth and Gentrification are followed as the band continued in the same vein, with exuberant melodies and haunting undertones.

Outsider is an emotional excerpt of the “PEOPLE FEEL” tale which occurs at a house party in the “Outsider” segment. Nixer’s ability to regulate and experiment with time-based effects stands out above the others in ‘Outsider’.

The arrangement of the track is chaotic, uneasy and it leaves the listener with little time to breathe. The production cleverly lends itself to the lyrical meaning behind the track highlighting how cohesive and intricate the Nixer sound is becoming.

‘Outsider’ welcomes, or unwelcomes, two characters to the narrative. The song deals with isolation and the feeling of being unwanted but from the perspective of the empathetic observer. The track opens with discrete chatter about these ‘other’ people, but as the track develops we learn that the song is about worry and concern for others, rather than the exclusion of them.

‘Outsider’ is an introduction to the raw, ferocious and distorted side to the new wave poets Nixer. Aggressive and unapologetic vocals take the notoriety throughout the track a while poignant steers the track in a weary direction, while an acid like synth line peers through the mix with sheer belligerence. This is in your face and unmerciful songwriting from the duo.

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