Berlin-based Ôneyra has just released her second release of the year ‘U-Niverse’ as a free download. The new single signifies a shift in sound for the Irish producer as Ôneyra turns her head towards intricate sound design and psy-influenced locked grooves.

2023 is set to be a busy year for Irish-born, Berlin-based DJ and producer Ôneyra. Having recently launched her new label Triple Identity with new music in the pipeline, the rising DJ and producer is reinventing herself as an artist, taking pieces of influence from various parts of her life to form a fresh sonic pallet.

Boasting a busy schedule of club shows across Germany Ôneyra has proved that she’s an in-demand selector laying it down at acclaimed dancefloors such as Club OST, Suicide Club, Re:mise, AVA Club, and more. Her sets strive to portray a dark and celestial story through Ôneyr deep understanding of off-kilter and pulsating textures and rhythms.

Today Ôneyra released her second release of the year, following a standout debut on Hardest Soft Records. Ôneyra’s latest offering ‘U-Niverse’ is a love letter to dynamic development through life and music. The Berlin-based producer draws similarities between nature and music, creating her own rhythm for each part of her music acceleration and existence. Crinkled textures and jagged percussion grooves play across the face of a syncopated lead rhythm that tips a hat towards techno purism while also taking inspiration from more contemporary shades of bass-heavy club music, including psy and electronica. Ôneyra creates a forward-facing techno groove that finds its home in at the front-left of the dancefloor.

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