Dutch techno stalwart Parrish Smith has unveiled his next project on Dekmantel. The mysterious techno enigma shares his most personal work yet through an 11-track LP, described as a compilation of imperfect music.

Parrish Smith has become known all over Europe for his high-velocity DJ sets that have been leaving crowds in awe through obscure sounds, rhythms, atmospheres, and a commitment to the weirder side of electronic music.

Smith has been meticulously developing his unique musical style. Light Cruel & Vain on Dekmantel is the first product of Smith’s studio grind, manoeuvring his most sensitive and rebellious sentiments. The album is a collection of “imperfect music,” and is covered in Smith’s veil of mystery. His music cuts and chokes, as it usually does – sometimes savagely, sometimes gently – yet this album gives a fresh, longer, lighter intake of air. Parrish Smith reveals his most intimate process to date: personal change and becoming a better version of oneself.

Parrish Smith draws on all of his favourite irreverent sub-genres – noise, punk, industrial, electronic, and even pop – and refuses to favour one over the other, instead layering and twisting his distinctive interpretations of each. To put his music into a category would be to confine an artist who thrives more than anything in ambiguity.

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