Pont Neuf have announced a massive sixteen track VA highlighting emerging electronic artists from France. Hexagonal Club Vo.3 is constructed to flow like a party and features the likes of THEOS, Vitess, Madcat, Groove Boys Project, Flabaire, & more.

Founded in 2016, Pont Neuf has established itself as one of France’s leading electronic music imprints. Now six years in, the label will commemorate a milestone sixth birthday this July with the release of Hexagonal Club Vol. 3. The sixteen-track VA includes offerings from regular faces and new ones alike, including Tour-Maubourg, Oden & Fatzo, Cosmonection, Vitess, KX9000, THEOS and many more.

Since the labels inception in 2016, it has hosted 7 anniversary compilations, 3 albums, 18 EPs and 4 specials have been released on Pont Neuf with names that are now part of the flourishing French electronic scene: Tour-Maubourg, Cosmonection, Vitess, KX9000, Madcat, THEOS, Saudade, Fasme, Flabair and more.

“It’s impossible not to be aware of the incandescent side of the French electronic scene today. The list of internationally renowned artists in all electronic genres is endless. And the list of new emerging artists is even longer. The idea of this compilation is to freeze this scene in a moment, to celebrate it by marking it in time and letting these artists express their stories in music.” – Thomas Prunier, Pont Neuf Founder and Label Manager.

The label has plenty more in the pipeline. 2022 will see Pont Neuf release new albums from Cosmonection and Tour-Maubourg, Hexagon Club Vol.3, as well as new EPs from Berzingue, KX9000 and THEOS.

The French do house like nobody else, and many artists have helped shape the French sound over the year, but it’s time to celebrate the new wave of French house music, as it bathes in the history, but strives for new territories.

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