Born from Rebekah’s lockdown remix competitions and challenges, ‘Ghost Stories The Remixes’ comprises eight high-octane remixes from a host of rising techno talent.

Recruiting budding producers from these programs, the Berlin-based DJ/producer actively fostered a community of like-minded artists and creatives, compiling their contributions into a fierce eight-track EP of no-holds-barred techno.

“This decision was to discover new up and coming talent and to hear interesting takes on the original pieces and the accumulation of my challenges and what we achieved; most of these remixes were created on the last days of the challenges amounting to some of the best work that the producers created.” Rebekah

Interpretations of ‘Ghost Stories’ and ‘Darkness My Old Friend’ originated via her ‘10×10’ and ‘Weekend Warrior’ programs, while Monster Mush, Kill Your Idols, and Tess’ remixes of ‘Another Life’ arose from a remix challenge. From Aida Arko’s sharp and pounding take on ‘Ghost Stories’ through to Jerogi’s dubstep indebted flip of ‘Darkness My Old Friend’, the release is sonically uncompromising, shining a deserved light on some of techno’s future stars.

01 Rebekah – Ghost Stories (Aida Arko Remix)
02 Rebekah – Ghost Stories (Chris Bent Remix)
03 Rebekah – Darkness My Old Friend (Alt8 Remix)
04 Rebekah – Darkness My Old Friend (Ghool Remix)
05 Rebekah – Another Life (Monster Mush Remix)
06 Rebekah – Another Life (Kill Your Idols Remix)
07 Rebekah – Another Life (Tess Remix)
08 Rebekah – Darkness My Old Friend (Jerogi Remix)

Amongst the remixes above, Irish eyes will have recognised Waterford’s Alt 8, who has had a steady, from playing his hometown clubs and parties pre Covid, to having his music supported by some of the biggest DJs on the planet. You can read a recent interview with Alt 8 here.

Check out Alt 8’s remix of Rebekah’s ‘Darkness My Old Friend’ below, which premiered on TRAX MAGAZINE last week.

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