Our second premiere of the day comes from Robin Wylie as he features on Belfast label, Computer Controlled Controlled Records. Robin has been pushing boundaries producing dubstep and breaks, but now he features on the first digital release Nez’s imprint alongside Hezzaine as they provide three impeccable electro cuts.

Following the analogue-fuelled, sci-fi electro soundscapes of Hungarian producer Norwell’s Interkosmos EP, Computer Controlled Records next record is a little closer to home.

Robin Wylie is a producer synonymous with wicked breakbeats, 2-step and jungle with a refreshing take on electronic music in his home of Belfast. A pace-setter in every regard, Robin’s work alongside dubstep pioneer J:Kenzo as Polarity is to be particularly admired, bringing labels like Sneaker Social Club for their debut in a city usually dominated by house and techno.

Now the pair join forces again (the latter under his Hezzaine moniker), this time on Nez’s Computer Controlled Records, serving up three raw cuts of tough, acid-dipped electronics and lairy UK-electro energy.

Inspired by the 1975 Doctor Who character Davros, ‘Davros on Acid’ is an otherworldly, sludged-out trip through Planet Skaro, ear-wriggling synth lines and malfunctioning bleep and bloops providing the listener with a tumbling Alice-In-Wonderland sonic experience; blasting off through the outer-rims of space as dotted stars turn to streaks of white light, landing on a planet ethereal and previously unexplored.

‘Timelines’ is a clubbier cut; a tough bass-trip whose beauty is channeled through its simplicity. Sometimes less is more, that much is evident on this tough cut of screw-face, peak-time electro, before ‘Dynamics’ ventures down a more melodic route, maintaining its acidic energy and blending it with an alien, atmospheric dreamscape for a softer experience as we come into land.

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