Shee has been at the heartbeat of Ireland’s funk driven house music revival for many years, and he continues to build his extensive discography with a new EP on Part Four Records. The Limerick native presents a two track EP that is dedicated to dancefloor, and it’s steeped in disco & filter house influence.

David Sheeran aka Shee has been crafting a sound that is built on the foundation of the classic French house sound of the early 90’s. His work under both Shee & Midweek has showcased his ability to flirt with contrasting sounds, textures and grooves to great acclaim. A keen eye for experimental rhythms and off-kilter production styles makes Shee one of the most desired producers in the country.

Some of Shee’s earliest tracks ‘Am I just living’ & ‘The Player’ are still amassing a staggering amount of streams across various platforms, and have confirmed the Limerick native’s ability to create a bonafide hit.

Shee’s latest release on Part Four Records show’s the producer flexing his disco house guns once again, as he presents a two track EP that is oozing with earnest grooves & bouncing rhythms.

On the A-side, it’s the high-octane, club-primed ‘Disco Machine Sound’ that immediately grips the ears and commands an energy which was recently played by TSHA and also by Barry Can’t Swim in his Mixmag Lab set. While on the flip, the flowing synths and ethereal vocals make ‘This Dance Isn’t Over’ one of those end-of-night tunes for hugging and swaying with your mates until the lights come on.

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