Kerry-native Shee has refixed Circo & Blk.’s latest hard techno anthem ‘Parasomnia’, originally released on Teletech. The rising house artist shares an ethereal take on the original track as Shee leans into stuttering vocals and winding strings that flirt around the track’s captivating melody.

Shee has supplied a mammoth Irish dance music link-up as he edits Circo & Blk.‘s latest track ‘Parasomnia’. The original track was released via hard techno label and party, Teletech and has amassed over 100,000 streams within the first few days of its release.

Shee’s unofficial edit is a deep rendition of the original hard-edged club tool. Shee has long been a master of the edit, perfectly adding his own touch to the original track without losing the essence of the primary concept. Shee add’s glitchy vocals and synths that dance across his signature rolling groove, creating a glistening package that is wrapped around the original lead synth. A classy edit that is as both elegant and daring.

I was on a train a few days ago when this release came out and I just completely fell in love with the melody! so I decided to try and spin my own version on this masterpiece. enormous credit to both Circo and blk. such an amazing track!” – Shee.

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