Tommy Holohan and Clouds join forces to release their new joint project ‘Hard Target.’ The alias pays homage to early breakbeat-hardcore and trance from the 2000s with a contemporary screwface techno twist as they launch their debut 4-track EP ‘Echoes’.

Tommy Holohan & Clouds announce their new ‘Hard Target’ alias and label with their first EP ‘Echoes’. The project, which debuts today, draws inspiration from early breakbeat-hardcore and 2000s trance. ‘Echoes’ pays homage to their artistic heritage across four tracks, continuing their dedication in pushing the frontiers of quality electronic music, now as the Hard Target trio.

The title track ‘Echoes’ is a pure trance anthem. It unapologetically embraces the euphoric and hook-heavy sounds of classic trance, transporting listeners back to the heydays of Godskitchen, Gatecrasher, and Dave Pearce’s iconic sets. ‘Idol Sound’ is a dark & moody techno track with early 2000’s tech-step and neuro drum & bass influences. A super groovy hardcore production ‘Roadblock (Rush Me)’ infuses distorted vocal hooks from early ’90s London pirate radio adverts; a relentless journey through the vibrant history of hardcore rave culture. Sampling an old hardcore track, ‘Pluto (On a Trip II) progressively transforms into a techno masterpiece featuring everything from exhilarating breakdowns to a groovy core and a touch of analogue warmth.

‘Hard Target’ is a vitalising & forward-thinking project that simultaneously celebrates their deep-rooted love for the early 2000s music scene & their certified contemporary approach to production. As the electronic music landscape continues to evolve, Hard Target exemplifies how music can be innovated by drawing from cherished influences while pushing the confinements of nostalgia.

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