Tommy Holohan has released a new single and video on Australian imprint, Steel City Dance Discs. The single ‘Pulse Love/ Heaven’s Passage’ is a raw, nostalgia-fuelled track that coordinates a balance between ecstasy, and dance-floor destruction, echoing a deep sense of longing and reminiscing.

Tommy Holohan has built an extraordinary repertoire for creating dance-floor hits over the years. The Rush native has released shred of music for his length of time he has been producing music, but Tommy’s focus has always been on quality over quantity, and this is extremely evident in his releases thus far. The Rave Selekts boss is back with a new single on the fabled Steel City Dance Discs.

Holohan’s latest offering is orchestral and melancholic, yet wildly energetic, ‘Pulse Love/ Heaven’s Passage’ is a gritty take on techno and trance, merging new found ideas with classic and contemporary reminiscence. The track rolls with an unsympathetic and somewhat relentless groove, yet breaks to a beautiful and heart-rending climax, as strings and pads take the front seat for an uplifting look at a techno and trance crossover.

In the accompanying music video for Tommy Holohan’s ‘Pulse Love / Heaven’s Passage’, we follow a ‘Spicer’ on his journey to transition from “digital trauma” to “spirituality” through “nature therapy.” ‘Spicer’ refers to an Irish subculture from 2007 that saw straightened colorful mullets worn in association with jumpstyle and social media platform ‘Bebo’. Directed by Patrik Harkin and Hugh Mulhern, the music video for ‘Pulse Love/ Heaven’s Passage’ visually documents this individual’s intimate journey, soundtracked by an equally intimate and atmospheric track. Featuring visual context that is uniquely Irish, and a partnering sound that is uniquely Tommy Holohan, ‘Pulse Love/ Heaven’s Passage’ is a direct, personal insight into the personality of his forthcoming EP on Steel City Dance Discs.

You can stream the single HERE.

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