Following his debut on Armada Music in April of this year, Trance Wax has announced the release of his second album, ‘Open Up The Night,’ which arrives this September. The announcement coincides with the much anticipated digital release of his ‘Rhythm Of The Night’ bootleg.

Irish favourite Trance Wax also known as Ejeca has just announced his second album under his Trance Wax moniker. The double album is a sixteen-track journey through nostalgia-infused modern trance, ‘Open Up The Night’ symbolises Trance Wax’s evolution from his early days of adapting trance classics for the modern dance floor.

Now homing in on his own interpretation of the genre, the Belfast-born DJ and producer showcases an expansive sonic palette through original productions (‘Adeya’, ‘Aslan’) and elsewhere sample-powered productions (‘Open Up The Night’, ‘Rhythm Of The Night’). Expect an increase in tempo as Trance Wax shows he means business in this increasingly popular genre.

Today Trance Wax unleashes his ‘Rhythm Of The Night’ bootleg which was previously available only on a limited run of white label vinyl ‘Trance Wax Seven‘, ‘Rhythm Of The Night’ will be available digitally for the first time, despite surfacing over four years ago.

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