The Pantheon VA marks the one-year anniversary of Wonderlust Records. Born in the height of a pandemic, Belfast’s Wonderlust Records has grown from strength to strength with each release, supported by some of the biggest names in the techno scene.

Wonderlust began as an Ibiza born rave vision that has grown renowned for its uncompromising music policy and carefully crafted artist rosters. Pushing the boundaries with industrial, hardcore, rave and acid. Culminating the rage, misery and creativity of a range of international artists.

This 44 track VA released in 4 separate parts and continues to push the brutal attitude of the label of the label and its unforgiving attitude.

Wonderlust’s Holy Trinity of intensity, experimentation and fury is noted within each of the tracks, resonated further through the artwork crafted by Voodoo Nation and mastered by the major Wanton Mastering.

This VA is tough as nails and has a little bit of something for any techno fan that likes it hard and gritty.

Music coming from Chris Liberator, Slave to Society, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Charlie Sparks and a host of Irish heads, including FLÆN, Aero, Bunkerterror, Duvs and Elliot to name just a few.

On a special note, 50% of all profits generated by this release will be donated to Inspire NI to help tackle the mental health crisis in our home country.  You can pick up the full release here.

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