EMA’s Woozy imprint announce their next release with Sha Ru’s ‘Match My Sway’ EP, featuring Walton on remix duties. Dubstep leaning sounds meet spoken word that echo the struggle of oppressed nations fight for liberation, providing a potent offering of modern protest music from the Dublin label.

Woozy‘s fourth offering comes as a four track EP from New York-via-Berlin based duo Sha Ru with Illian Tape affiliated Walton on remix duties for an all encompassing dubstep influenced ensemble. The release will also be donating all artist profits towards the Kyiv Angels and Repair Together charities in Ukraine.

Berlin based Sha Ru sound is synonymous with a jarring mix of spoken word and club electronics, gaining notoriety thanks to their exhilarating productions and renowned live, hybrid and DJ sets.

Having spent most of their time based between two different countries, the covid pandemic unexpectedly united the band in Belarus and subsequently Ukraine for an extended period of time. They quickly found themselves immersed in each country’s respective electronic music scene, building strong relationships within each community. It quickly became apparent that both countries were actively fighting for their future freedom, and the duo felt compelled by the unity they experienced in this to respond with music. This resulted in Match My Sway, a record chronicling resistance both lyrically and sonically that found a suitable home on EMA’s impressively futurist-leaning Woozy imprint.

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