A new documentary about the legendary DJ and producer Tony De Vit premiered in Birmingham last night. The documentary entitled ‘DON’T EVER STOP’, tells the story of the inventor of hard house as we approach the 25th anniversary of his death.

Working-class gay DJ Tony De Vit pioneered hard house music and made it mainstream. The UK legend gained cult status with some of his fans including Madonna and Boy George when he was the star attraction at all-night London club Trade.

The ‘Godfather of Hard House’ was born in Kidderminster and dedicated his life to electronic music, regarded as a trailblazer in the gay community as well as bringing high-energy dance music to the masses in the 90s. He produced and remixed his own style of music that inspired an entire genre following his tragic death in 1998. 25 years on, his music is still filling dance floors and being given new remixes by the world’s best young DJs.

The documentary not only covers the life and times of Tony De Vit in the 90s but it also tells the tale of his meetings with the young child prodigy, Fergie. When the master suddenly dies in 1998, his 17-year-old apprentice Fergie is thrust into the global spotlight. A story of tragedy, ecstasy, music and mayhem.

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