The Night Time Industries Association and The Music Lotto announce a collaboration with the common goal of breaking down barriers to music and making the electronic music industry a more inclusive and accessible career opportunity for people entering the creative sectors, as well as providing routes to access night-time spaces to showcase their talent.

The Night Time Industries Association has a strong commitment to the preservation and enhancement of electronic music culture, communities, and all things nightlife in the UK. Music Lotto has created a one-of-a-kind lottery that benefits emerging artists and businesses in the UK’s creative sectors.

The Music Lotto will debut as a digital fundraising lottery in the summer of 2022. Each lottery ticket costs £1, with 50% of all ticket sales going to the grants program for talent, which provides artists with financial support to advance their careers, and the remaining donations going to a variety of charitable partners.

Over the next six months, NTIA and The Music Lotto will assemble ambassadors and partners to provide access to various resources, including The Music Lotto’s grants program. The grants program will allow unsigned artists to apply for financial assistance of up to £1000 for everything they may require, such as equipment, studio time, access to tech and performance locations, and so on. Nighttime venues that want to give a platform for emerging artists can also apply for funding. We want to encourage venues to vary and increase their music offerings in order to provide a more inclusive client experience.

“Over the course of the last 4 years, we have witnessed the struggles faced by emerging talent across the electronic music sector, and the subsequent void in the talent pipeline.”

“The night-time culture economy has always been an advocate for new and emerging talent, and prides itself on giving grassroots artists a platform to access physical audiences, and the ability to build their fanbase.”

“The Music Lotto programme will go a long way to help fund new talent across the creative sectors, helping to rebuild local and national talent pipeline and generate more opportunities for aspiring artists across the UK.” – Michael Kill CEO NTIA

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