The government will not object to proposed laws making it a crime to spike someone by causing a victim to consume a substance without their knowledge or consent. Drink spiking that results in sexual or physical assault now carries a ten-year prison sentence under new legislation.

A proposed new offense for spiking incidents would penalise a preparator if they were proven to have administered, injected, or otherwise caused a victim to ingest a substance to which they did not consent. When a perpetrator intends to overpower or sedate another person for the purpose of participating in a sexual act, causing injury, making a gain, or causing a loss to the other person, or committing an offense with or against the person, they will be penalized.

The government will not oppose new legislation that will see those found guilty of spiking someone sentenced to up to 10 years in jail. The bill allows for a defense to establish that the substance was supplied for a legal reason, with a legal excuse, or with the express and cognizant agreement of the other person.

A spokesperson for the minister said: “The bill seeks a standalone offence and therefore, it requires detailed consideration. “However, it is a welcome opportunity to discuss the harm posed by spiking. There is a strong correlation between spiking and sexual offences.”

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