There’s a brand new Boeing 727-200 nightclub opening up this summer located inside Brazil’s Surreal Park under the name, JETSET. The first boarding is scheduled for this summer, and the club area will have a deck, runway, bar, and a distinctive lighting display, with the wings providing as an elevated observation point for the park.

Surreal Park has announced their most daring project yet as they unveil their latest club venture, JETSET. The revolutionary club space uses an old Boeing 727-200 aeroplane to host showcases from the summer of 2024.

The one-of-a-kind project is already underway, with the craft being disassembled at Curitiba airport for refurbishment and chrome plating. The aircraft could originally accommodate up to 189 passengers and had a length of 46.68 meters and a peak speed of 1,014 km/h.

This project’s logistics, including transportation from Curitiba to Cambori├║, will require a special highway license. An experienced manufacturing crew is hard at work, while architecture company 8B is in charge of the plane’s implementation at Surreal Park.

At Surreal, the Boeing 727-200 will transport musical travellers, and speed is now measured in BPM. The captain of this journey you already know: Renato Ratier and his innovative mind. The first boarding will be in the summer of 2024. JETSET will leave Surreal a mix of artistic experiences that go beyond music, transporting us to the world of dreams as a source for creating experiences.

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