Dublin-based techno collective Alienate have announced their new weekly livestreams showcasing Irish talent. Their September schedule see’s guest mixes from Dylan Fogarty, Erik Burka, Fran Hartnett, Doug Cooney, Offtrack, Emmie & more.

Alienate have announced a new weekly live-stream taking place weekly in Dublin City. The announcement will see a well needed weekly space for Irish DJs to showcase their talent on camera.

The first announcement see’s Alienate invite Dylan Fogarty, Erik Burka, Pronto, Fran Hartnett, Doug Cooney & Pineal Navigation. Offtrack’s Circuit Structure Records also takeover the livestream at the end of the month with guest mixes from Emmie, Mode_1, and label-head Offtrack.

Alienate have called out for any Irish-based DJs or collectives to get in touch about locking in a livestream date. “Whether your a bedroom DJ, up & coming, club circuit or established get in touch, we’re always looking people to come play & want to give everyone a chance also.

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