Lea-Rose Besson also known as Radical Softness has died aged 28. The Berlin-based DJ was a resident with parties Rawmantique and Hamburg’s TILT, alongside working with Hector Oak’s KAOS label.

DJ and label owner Znzl announced the news via Instagram yesterday in a statement saying “We are devastated to announce that our beloved Lea Rose has left our Earth last night. We’re mourning a lover, a special friend, a soulmate, a beautiful human who teached us resilience and love.”

Radical Softness was one of Berlin’s rising techno DJs, regularly playing at RSO, Aeden, Tresor and more. They were a strong advocate for safe spaces and diversity within the scene, Lea was one of the most influential DJs and voices in Berlin’s underground scene in recent years.

Radical Softness contributed mixes to Vault Sessions, SPANDAU20, Bassiani, Frenzy, and Voxnox, to name a few. Known for their dynamic and pulsating selection of forward-facing techno cuts, they often championed up-and-coming producers and was very vocal in holding a torch up to new & exciting sounds.

Znzl continued “They live forever in our hearts and in every drops of the ocean. We kindly ask you to respect our grief and celebrate the kindness and love they will forever radiate.”

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