Body & Soul Festival have announced they will not move forward with their 2024 edition, as the festival voluntarily pauses for the first time in two decades. The festival added: “We go quiet for a short time, but behind the scenes, we’ll be busy reinventing ourselves, preparing to re-emerge in our new form.”

Body & Soul have put out a statement saying after 20 years of running festivals they will be “hitting pause on this year’s Body & Soul Festival“. The festival was anticipated to take place in June of this year but due to unknown circumstances, they will be taking a break from the festival circuit.

“When we started Body & Soul, it grew from a place of curiosity, of exploration, and a myriad of worldly influences. After twenty years at the forefront of festival culture we couldn’t be more proud of all we’ve achieved and of the beautiful community we’ve created around us.”

“But we now find ourselves in a different time – the world has changed, and it’s time for us to evolve further. This means hitting pause on this year’s Body & Soul festival to give ourselves the space to dream and think bigger.”

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