The government unveiled Ireland’s Budget 2023 yesterday evening and many conversations from the entertainment industry were pointed towards the decision to keep Special Exemption Order’s (SEO) in place for late night venues. Venue owners will now see fees halved from €410 to €205, but the decision seem’s like a lacklustre approach to help an already struggling industry.

Budget 2023 will remain a hot topic for many Irish citizens within the coming days as we combat a cost of living and housing crisis. For many in the entertainment industry the news of 6 million towards the night-time economy and temporary funding of 90 million towards tourism and the arts to maintain Ireland’s Covid recovery plan were hot topics.

A controversial and disappointing announcement was to keep Special Exemption Order’s in place for late-night venues. The news comes as a blow as SEO’s serve as an unnecessary financial burden on late-night venues operating.

In the early stages of late-night venues reopening after Covid measures the government froze charges on late night venues six months to aid the recovery of nightclubs and late bars, according to the Licensed Vintners Association (LVA). It was hoped that these fee’s would be scrapped all together in Budget 2023.

Any licensed premises who seeks to open late currently has to make an additional payment to Government of €205 per night which is a drop from €410. For a late night venue that operates five nights a week that represents an extra €4,100 per month imposed by the Government, so they can open their doors late.

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