UK-based talent development organisation, CDR have announced their new project, Process, to celebrate and develop women, non-binary and trans music makers.⁠ The project attempts to address the issues and barriers that women and marginalised genders encounter in the music industry through workshops, masterclasses, and mentoring.

CDR is a black-led music and talent development organisation with a deep heritage in the UK’s grassroots electronic music scene, and they’ve been at the forefront of pushing for a more inclusive and open-minded music scene.

Their project ‘Process’ aims to address the issues and limitations that women and marginalised genders confront in the music industry, with a heavy emphasis on understanding music technology and encouraging a new generation of music artists.

The project will be a warm and inclusive forum for participants to ask questions, enhance existing skills, and acquire new ones, all while networking with other participants, mentors, and the CDR community.

“It’s clear to everyone in the industry that the music production space is still far too male-dominated and we’ve been thinking for some time about how we can best use our position to tackle that” – Tony Nwachukwu [Founder & Director of CDR]

You can apply here.

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