April 11th, 2024, marks the 3-decade anniversary of Daft Punk’s debut release, ‘The New Wave’, which was released via Slam’s, Soma Records.

The aptly named EP was the world’s first introduction to Thomas Bangalter & Guy-Manuel. The duo’s unique approach to dance music would forever alter the face of electronic music forever.

Stuart of Slam told Glasgow Live “They were lovely guys, just quite reserved, very laid back and a bit shy even, but when we heard their demo tape for the first time, we were blown away. We couldn’t believe that noise was coming from those two quiet wee guys.”

‘The New Wave’ eventually developed into “Alive” which was one of the tracks on the duo’s debut studio album, Homework, published in 1997. The song was released with “Assault”, a hard-edged techno-thriller, which notably appears in their 1997 Essential Mix.

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