Dance music label and distribution label ‘Lost On You’ are donating 100% of profits made to children in disadvantaged parts of the world. The team now joins up with Soundcloud to build schools in Liberia.

Lost on You is the first electronic music record label and benefit program to donate 100% of album sales proceeds to the fight against starvation, bad health, and sanitary issues in the world’s poorest communities. The team combines charity activity with a commitment to discovering, promoting, and mentoring exceptional underground artists who are looking for a forum to present their work.

In September 2021 the team opened up their first school in Sierra Leone built with money from their sales. This year they partner with SoundCloud to build two new schools in Liberia.

The team would like to invite producers and label heads to join their mission and distribute music with them through their powerful software that provides many free tools here, and as it is a charity project Beatport supports everything they distribute.

The team only keeps 15% of the royalties, which go to our charitable projects, without affecting the income of the record labels, so you can be part of this project without sacrificing your money and your work.

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