Dave Clarke’s ‘Red Series’ is about as iconic as it comes when you think of techno releases and the UK don is reissuing the series on digital for the very first time. You can now find ‘Red 1’ on Apple Music and other streaming services from today, Friday the 13th.

Released in 1991 Dave Clarke‘s ‘Red 1’ was the start of one of the most revered techno EP series of all time. The Barron of techno served up 3 classic techno cuts, with all the filter-fun and shuffled grooves that made his sound so celebrated.

Today is a day that took way longer than I thought, for many many years Red 1 and that whole period of recording had been held back and not been made available at all via digital platforms, yes it would pop up occasionally on weird physical “bootlegs” that I had no control over and I have no idea how many units they sold, but last year I got my rights back and Skint, whom have been my label since “Devil’s Advocate” back in 2002/3, are now releasing it today with my blessing. The whole crew are incredibly excited and have been very supportive throughout the “journey” of me getting these rights back as has my music manager Ade, who worked with positivity throughout. So today is quite a big step for all of us.

30 years in any career is a long time indeed, in music I find that quite a precious number, also 30 years ago music had a longer shelf life and it is not a coincidence that there are also many other artists having their early works re-released, this was a formative time in Techno, there were no sample packs, online guides (or even internet as we know it now) , plug ins or any of the things many producers today take for granted, we learnt through trial and error, conversations with other artists, reading great magazines like Sound on Sound (and trying to decode everything as Techno/ House was not served at all in their equipment reviews of the time).

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