District 8 will be hosting some of the biggest names in dance music both in Ireland and globally at The Sugar Club on November 18th for the inaugural District 8 Academy conference.

District 8 & Elevator Program host Irelands first industry led electronic music conference and workshop.The team will be presenting panel discussions, spotlight interviews, and much more with a stellar lineup of speakers with extensive industry experience both in Ireland and abroad. Irelands first industry led electronic music conference and workshop.

From label managers who have uncovered some of the greatest stars in the industry, to some of Ireland’s longest-tenured promoters of dance music. Booking agents with years of expertise both domestically and abroad to quickly growing Irish talent directly from the booth. Social media specialists to the individuals who organise the events you attend.

Some of the panelists include: Cailín, Cormac Cashman, David Magnier, DeFeKT, Ellen Harney, Holly Lester, Jim O’Regan, Nancy Live, Neil Burke, Nevan Jio, Ngoni Egan, Obskur, Sam Greenwood, Sam Sparrow, Saoirse, Trev O’shea, Yasmin Gardezi and more,

The moderators include: Al Gibbs, Hybrasil, Natlie McCormack, Nina Val, Niamh O’Connor, Marcus O’sullivan & Sunil Sharpe.

Over the past decade – we’ve seen the creative talent this country has produced through the avenues of dance music and events. The aim is to help younger people find a substantial footing within the industry and wider scene. This will be a one-day discussion lead event. We want to use our platform to discuss different industry areas openly and shed light on possible industry opportunities.

You can purchase tickets for the event HERE.

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