DJs Against Apartheid has launched a campaign to rally the global nightlife scene in support of Palestine. The open letter encourages DJs and nightlife workers throughout the world to oppose Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

DJs Against Apartheid is run by Nour Khalil, an Egyptian filmmaker and dancer based in New York & Berlin, and Yonah Zeitz, Resident Advisor’s New York City manager and Katal Center’s director of activism for Equity, Health, and Justice.

The organisation in partnership with the Palestine Forever group in New York, features a petition signed by over 500 DJs. The petition has received signatures from Mama Snake, Conducta, Nene H, Logic10000, David Holmes, LCY, Refuge Worldwide and more.

“As artists and cultural producers, we join hands with the people of the world and with the heroic people of Palestine, to stop this genocidal war and put an end to 75 years of occupation. We understand the power that our work has in shaping public opinion in our time. As artists we have a unique responsibility to use our voice and artistic practices to protest apartheid and amplify the just cause of the Palestinian people and their resistance against occupation and oppression.”

“We dedicate ourselves to standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people and to use our artistic and cultural practices as tools of liberation in the struggle for sovereignty, dignity, and self-determination.”

You can sign the petition here.

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