Dublin City Council announced that advanced work on the Iveagh Markets has begun. Over the next eight weeks, work will include installing safe access pathways and crash decks, and removing vegetation and loose material. Now we beg the question, will it be used for events?

Dublin’s once-iconic Iveagh Market, located in the south inner city, dates back to the early twentieth century and was a thriving hub of business and trade for the local population for many years. The structure has been shuttered since 1996 and is now derelict.

Last year, a portion of the roof collapsed, and the historical organisation Friends of the Iveagh Markets warned that if the structure was not repaired, it might fall completely. The primary structure of the roof is stable and will be kept and restored as part of these works; however, some of the roof coverings are claimed to be in extremely bad condition, and work is also required to replace rotten timber.

Sinn Féin Councillor Máire Devine told Newstalk “[The vision] is trading, it is food, it’s music events, it’s opening it up for longer hours and getting more multipurpose use of that fabulous space,”.

The location serves as an imposing unoccupied space that might be used for music events in the centre of Dublin City. The area has traditionally been a location for communities to trade and form new relationships; ideally, it may be used as a music venue to do this in current times.

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