Dicey’s nightclub will be under inspection by a District Court Judge after homeowners living close by appealed to their special exemption license, which permits them to sell alcohol late at night due to noise complaints. The club space is situated on Harcourt Street, which is a well-known area for late-night dancing in Dublin city, this begs the question if neighbours should have the right to complain as the street has been synonymous with nightclubs for decades.

The famous Dublin nightclub Diceys is at risk of losing its special exemption, which permits the venue to serve drinks past 12.30am. The judge will inspect the nightclub to monitor the decibels of the space in the coming weeks.

“I want to see it when they are not disco dancing,” the Judge told the court. “I may need to see it in operation as well.”

Residents, who largely live in O’Carroll’s Villas, a two-minute walk from the rear of Dicey’s, have complained that the noise is “much the same” and have accused the nightclub of “playing games” after the order was issued at a hearing on Wednesday.

This raises the question of whether nightclubs should be protected against lawsuits in certain cases in relation to noise pollution. Harcourt Street has been the home of nightclubs in Dublin City for decades, and this is well-known by people who move into the surrounding areas.

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