Dublin party Ketchup returns tomorrow at The Well and they’ve announced the introduction of Rave Mates. The party will have 5 Rave Mates wandering around the party, eager to socialise and dance, but also to listen to dancer’s concerns if someone is making them feel uncomfortable.

Dublin-based party Ketchup returns with a special Halloween event tomorrow [Friday the 27th of October], and the team have collaborated with the Rave Mates to continue working hard to make the rave scene safe and comfortable.

We will have 5 Rave Mates walking around the party, ready to socialise and dance, but also very ready to listen to your concerns if someone is making you feel uncomfortable. RAVE MATES have full authority to bring security and take anyone out who is violating our safe environment.

The party has stated Rave Mates are not the Rave Police, but we want to give tools to attendees to reach out to someone if they are feeling a bit weird or uncomfortable. The concept of Rave Mates defies gender, race and religion, it is designed to make all dancers feel as comfortable as possible.

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