Stak launch their newly formed collective tonight in Wigwam with none other than Cork’s god father of pounding rhythms, Jamie Behan. Stak’s vision of hybrid style techno accompanies Jamie’s eclectic style of DJing, and this is expected to be a whirl-winded introduction to the new collective.

Dublin is ripe with new techno collective’s and sometimes it seems to struggle to house all the amazing talent on display. Stak are among the next generation of Irish techno enthusiasts that are adamant on leaving their mark on the capital’s deep and murky club history. They begin their journey with Irish techno royalty Jamie Behan tonight.

The collective is one of the next driving forces of Irish techno to form from the DJ course in the Bray Institute of Further Education. These solidified groups that have a unified vision for new ideals within Dublin’s techno sphere can be a powerful driving force for the future of Irish techno.

The Name Stak refers to decentralized blockchain systems, a connotation surrounding the megatrend of connective technology into our future e.g by 2020, there will be seven times as many connected devices on the planet as people. The rate of churn is only expected to increase, propelled by new technology, growing complexity and global connectivity.- bloomberg. The vision incorporates each artist with their own Stak number” to be part of the connected networked roster. The number. is constructed on the belief and encouragement in the creativity and productivity of artists and what they are trying to achieve. Allowing artists a chance to build careers whilst pushing boundaries and thus paving the way to change the dynamics of music and art within a collaborative process. The hope is to achieve a shift in  the landscape of the industry in a positive way so as to impact the perspective and remodel the future.

“Usually the class at Bray start putting on nights towards the end of the college year, so it’s been really encouraging to see how quickly this collective has formed, and I hope this is the first of many events ahead for Stak. I’ve often felt that Tuesday could be a great night out in town again for techno. Genius at The Kitchen and Damage at Switch were key techno nights in Dublin back in the day, and such an important breeding ground for new and upcoming DJs. I Would love to see much more of that in the future for midweek in Dublin. A lot changed when the government hiked licensing costs in the past, as general running costs started to rise too. Many venues gave up on doing early in the week club nights as a result. Let’s hope 2023 can signal a return to a decent 7 night a week club scene in the city.” Sunil Sharpe.

You can purchase tickets to their launch night with Jamie Behan HERE.

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