Last week DVS1 launched his new service Aslice, a community focused service dedicated to creating a fairer music ecosystem with a software that facilitates easy and accurate reporting, empowering DJs to share earnings with producers directly. The dance music ecosystem has made it practically impossible to earn a living solely from producing, this new service could change that, seeing producers being able to earn a living without touring.

Over the last four decades, electronic music has undergone a seismic shift. Evolving out of warehouses and loft parties to ultimately find its place in mainstream radio, TV, clubs, and festivals, the industry of electronic dance music is currently valued at over $7 billion (USD) of revenue annually. As the awareness and attendance have gotten bigger, so have theDJ fees, while the people making the records earn less than ever.

Aslice seeks to revolutionise the relationship between DJs and producers by creating a service that makes it easy for everyone to get their fair share. In the world of professional DJs, Aslice aims to introduce a new standard of facilitating sharing. With the potential to pay an estimated $55 Million annually to music producers, Aslice’s vision moves a step beyond the current performance rights collections model. Through the Aslice software, producers get paid when DJs play their music at gigs.

Aslice delivers what no collection society has been able to deliver since DJ culture began. It’s a simple system that captures playlists from DJs with unparalleled accuracy and distributes a small portion of the DJ gig fee directly to the producers played. Aslice is powered by a mix of algorithmic analysis and machine learning that guarantees the accuracy our community so badly needs. There is no need for external devices, DJs manually writing down their playlist, no middlemen, no black boxes, or artists at the top of the charts, inadvertently taking the intended producer’s income – with Aslice, when DJs play music, the artists they play get paid.

“Seeing the growing disparity between DJ earnings and producer income, a few years ago,I had the idea of sendin gmoney directly to artists I play as a general thank you. When our industry came to a complete stop, I took the opportunity to address this problem and develop a simple solution that could work for our entire community. Aslice gives artists a way to take control of their future and support each other while putting pressure on the broken system of collection societies. If we can get our community behind a culture of sharing, Aslice can truly change peoples’ lives.” – DVS1

“Aslice is one of the most important, exciting, and altruistic projects our scene has ever seen! It shines a light on the disparity in economics between producers and DJs and recognises the intrinsic value music has for every performance. DJs have nothing to say without the music and artists behind it.” – Richie Hawtin.

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