Yuval Hen, cofounder of London club E1, resigns after reports that he served with the Israel Defence Forces in Gaza. This news comes after Ravers For Palestine called on the dance music community to boycott the East London nightclub, writing: “We urge all ravers and DJs to boycott E1 until further notice.”

Yuval Hen, the creator of London’s E1 nightclub, has resigned as director following the discovery that he had travelled to Israel to serve with the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) in Gaza.

According to Companies House, Yuval Hen, who is Israeli, resigned from his positions at E1 Records Limited, Studio Spaces Limited, and UP Space Limited on Friday (February 16) following allegations that he had been actively serving for the IDF during Israel’s ground assault on Gaza, which surfaced last week on Instagram in a joint post shared by Ravers For Palestine and Writers Against The War On Gaza (WAWOG).

Ravers For Palestine posted a copy of a now-deleted Facebook post that featured photographs of Hen in an IDF uniform, along with a comment that stated he was “returning home” after serving four months “somewhere in Gaza.”

In a statement released to the media, E1 stated that “no connection to political movements” and confirmed that its “previous owner” had stepped away from the venue “in October due to being deeply affected by the ongoing crisis across Israel and Palestine”.

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