Galway’s beloved Electric nightclub is set to reopen next year. Create Real Estate broke the good news last week: “Electric is back! Those of us who are old enough to remember it as CP’s all have fond memories of this much-loved Galway institution!”

Electric Galway, the legendary West of Ireland nightclub, is expected to reopen in 2024. The multifaceted club space was one of Galway’s prime nightclubs, boasting multi-rooms and operating as a bar & restaurant. The club regularly hosted some of electronic music’s most fabled DJs including BICEP, FJAAK, KETTAMA, Moodyman, Sunil Sharpe, Mall Grab, Tommy Holohan, Steffi, Omar S and Skream… to name a few.

The club shut down in 2021 during the COVID pandemic, after 30 years in business. The club wrote in a statement “For thirty years, this place defied the odds, changed with the times and stayed alive despite the tremendous challenges of operating a nightclub in Ireland. We have sustained over six-hundred days of complete closure, lost revenue, unpaid bills, and reopening dates that never materialised.”

“But there are only so many times that we can go back to our community and ask them to stick with us for another few weeks. Now the day has come that we can wait no longer. We are left with no other option but to put this building on the market.”

The news of Electric’s reopening comes at a welcome time with so many Galway nightclubs going out of business recently. The Galway scene will be revitalised by the club’s legendary status. Situated in the heart of Galway town, the space is set to signifanctly boost late-night trading in the Galway.

The owners are yet to make a statement about the reopening, but plans are set for early 2024. Create Real Estate wrote “Create Real Estate are delighted to have put this off market letting together over the last few months. Best of luck to James and the team – due to open early in the New Year”

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