Give Us The Night has launched a countrywide tour of public talks to explore the persistent delays in new licensing laws and the current state of Irish nightlife. Beginning next week, the team take their ‘Where Is The Night’ tour across the country to address this license reform, what problems remain, and when/how we can anticipate the implementation of new laws.

Give Us The Night is on tour & they’re coming to various venues across seven counties in Ireland to discuss the ongoing issues with nightlife on the Emerald Isle. The team will look into the ongoing problem of license reformĀ since its delayed implementation has been a constant cause of frustration for the Irish nightlife industry.

The tour announcement comes after many public and industry discussions since 2020, as well as a long run of government statements. As it stands, the Sale of Alcohol Bill remains in limbo. There have been no extensions to operating hours, no new licenses issued, no repeal of the 1935 Public Dance Halls Act (the “licence to dance”), and no reform of licensing application processes and expenses.

‘Where Is The Night’ seeks to hear from the public about how nightlife is received by the public and by those in the business. Issues have evolved and altered since Give Us The Night’s last 2019 nationwide tour, and it aims to learn more about the challenges of nightlife post-pandemic. When this series of talks concludes, public feedback must be shared with the government to continue pursuing the goal of advancing nightlife in Ireland.

You can view the dates of the tour below.

If you’re a venue owner, cultural programmer, promoter, performer, manager, worker, advocate, nightlife goer or supporter, please drop by. If you’re a public representative or election candidate, we’d also like to have you with us. As we edge towards local elections, with a general election also in sight, we’d like public representatives to be more aware of what local communities and night-time venues needĀ in the future, as we aim to reshape the night and the night-time economy in Ireland.

All events/talks are free. To attend the Sugar Club event, RSVP through the link here.

Photo Credits: bits.

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