Hearpro are Ireland’s newest company promoting hearing protection and safety. Their goal is to increase awareness around the importance of protecting your hearing when enjoying music in a loud environment.

The conversation about hearing protection can be somewhat left on the back burner in relation to Irish nightclubs and live venues. We are far behind our mainland European counter parts including Germany, France, Spain, Holland, The UK and more. In many large nightclubs, venues and festivals you can purchase hearing protection on site, and there is plenty of advertisements promoting the well being of your hearing displayed throughout these venues.

The WHO recommend that nightclubs should offer hearing protection to the patrons of their establishment, and their recommendations are to ensure that attendees’s are “preserving high-quality sound and an enjoyable listening experience”. Despite recommendations from The World Health Organisation, and education on the risks of amplified music, Ireland still lags behind in the promotion and vending of protective earbuds.

Ireland’s newest hearing protection company Hearpro launches with the goal of increasing peoples awareness on the importance of protecting your hearing when enjoying music in a loud environment. With Hearpro’s protective earbuds you can now listen without damaging your ear drums in a discrete and convenient manor.

“From my experience of going to gigs in Central Europe I noticed how seriously they took hearing protection when so many people were wearing protective earbuds at festivals in places like the Netherlands. And then it’s virtually non existent in club culture over here, and after hearing of a few friends in the scene saying they suffer from tinnitus it gave me the push to launch my own business Hearpro providing protective ear buds for people to use and protect themselves from hearing damage and prevent these conditions from ever happening!”

Hearpro were selling earbud’s at The Grand Social last weekend for Shlømo’s return to Dublin with Dublin techno collectives Vision & Thump. Hearpro plan to work with more club nights and venues to make hearing protection readily available across the country. You can contact them HERE.

You can purchase their protective earbuds HERE.

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