Irish promoters 085 Club, Bümblê & KELTIC are teaming together to host Ireland’s fastest-rising artist, Yasmin Gardezi, in Perth next week. The promoters are delivering a taste of the Irish dance music scene over 10,000 miles away, offering a cultural exchange centred on the principles of Irish club culture.

Irish emigration is back on the rise, and with a 14% increase in 2023 over the previous year, and more on the way in 2024, it appears that little will change in the following years. Australia has long been a favourite destination for young Irish in search of sunnier skies & a better quality of life, even just for a few years.

Although emigration has never quite decimated our club scene, the surge of young people fleeing Ireland inevitably does have a knock-on effect on DJs, dancers, promoters and staff. A host of Irish ex-pats in Australia are running parties in the Southern Hemisphere, bringing the Irish club feel with them.

Three Irish-owned event companies are teaming together to host Ireland’s very own, Yasmin Gardezi, in Perth, WA. This will be her debut show in Australia as it kicks off her Australian tour. The event will take place on 09/02 in Geisha Bar, one of Perth’s most revered club spaces.

Yasmin will bring her high-octane take on contemporary trance & techno, fusing vintage acid cuts with current galloping trance-infused techno. Support on the night comes from Slither resident and 085 Club boss, Jordan and local Perth favourite, Bondo.

“I think it’s hugely important due to the fact in recent years the mass amount of Irish that have Immigrated to Oz. It was a no-brainer for us to offer a taste of home and showcase some of the best Irish talent intentionally. Not only will these events be targeted at the Irish community in Australia but also be used as a great platform to promote Irish Artists in Australia and to all the other Nationalities who have immigrated here. We can’t wait to see how this grows!” – Martin Kerrigan, Bümblê.

You can purchase final tickets here.

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