Kilkenny-based label Moot Tapes is releasing a split EP with tracks from Jellypelt and Polytunnel in aid of the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. The 4-track EP is steeped in 80’s Italo flavour, blurring the lines between vintage synth-wave and contemporary sci-fi-inspired electronica.

Moot Tapes release their third release of the year as Jellypelt and Polytunnel step up for a split EP as they run down an 80’s-inspired rabbit hole, soundtracking the sounds of the past, present and future through a tunnel of arpeggios, shimmering chords, and nostalgic soundscapes.

The label is aware that releasing music at this time seems fruitless but they would like to use this as an opportunity to contruibute to Palestinian charties through music. If you fund a Palestinian charity send us a screenshot and we will give you this EP for free.

This is a small gesture, but lots of small gestures add up. We need to diplomatically and economically isolate Israel. Israeli Apartheid needs to end. Free Palestine and fund Palestine!

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