Dublin producer MathMan is set to release his highly awaited debut solo album, ‘SK83 – The Prequel’. A sonic coming-of-age story set in Dublin and its rave scene.

MathMan best known for his work as part of the duo Mango & Mathman has announced his debut solo album, ‘SK83 – The Prequel’. The album is a love letter to the Dublin rave scene of the past, as MathMan delves into vintage 90’s sounds and captures the essence of Dublin club culture.

Set against an evocative auditory backdrop of jungle, drum and bass, and breakbeat, ‘SK83’ crafts a complex tale that captures the spirit of adolescent life in Dublin during the late 1990s.

This captivating sonic journey delves deep into the bevvy of emotions that colour a Dublin teenager’s journey to adulthood – from love and loss, first-time experiences, the pitfalls of peer pressure and the unmistakable pull of the city’s intoxicating rave culture.

The first peak into the album comes with the single ‘Show Me’, a kaleidoscopic sonic trip through the decades as the Dublin producer flexes vintage jungle drum programming which lays the foundation for ecstasy-laced euphoria courtesy of luscious strings, and funk-laced basslines. MathMan effortlessly blends old-school energy with contemporary sounds.

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