Or:la announced her debut album, Trusting Theta, this morning. The nine-track album will be released on September 20th on fabric Originals.

The album is inspired by both Irish and ancient Greek mythology, and it portrays moments of sapphic love, camaraderie, and fight against the ongoing injustices against women.

She unveiled the album’s second track, following the release of the first single, “Fired Up,” in June. “Chant” is Or:la‘s first track to feature her own vocals and lyrics, inspired by her time in London and chanting about snakes in the grass.

“Trusting Theta is a message about trusting the process guided by the subconscious finding its way out to the conscious via dream states. It takes our quiet conversations, intimate moments, and mournful prayers projecting them out into the world in the style of a Julia Child hosted cooking show.”

1. Milky Way Of Glitter feat. SOAK
2. Cooking Up Pepper Spray With Mary Lake
3. Fired Up
4. Chant

5. Sea Slugs
6. Cupid Doesn’t Live In Clapham Common
7. Patriarchy Purge
8. Slay The Beast feat. Eliza Rose
9. Goodnight Sister Boom Boom

Photo Credit: Kasia Kim-Zacharko & Constanza Pulit

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