In a letter addressed to President Biden, more than a hundred Irish artists have called for an end to the violence in Gaza. The open letter has been signed by Bob Geldof, Shampain, Sunil Sharpe, and Bill Whelan to name a few.

An open letter to President Biden was signed by more than a hundred Irish artists calling for an end to the violence in Gaza, humanitarian relief for the people trapped there, and the beginning of a political process that will result in a fair resolution that satisfies the rightful demands of the Palestinian people for self-determination.

Some of the names on the list include Sunil Sharpe, Shampain, Efa O’Neil, Bob Geldof, EMA, Kerrie, and more.

Three separate letters, representing different sectors of Irish society, are being sent to the president. The plan is to capitalise on the President’s ties to Ireland, a cause he championed earlier this year. We are sending a message that the Irish people truly support Palestinian rights with the upcoming presidential elections next year.

You can view the letter here.

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