Overmono has released their remix of The Street’s classic track, “Turn The Page” via XL Recordings. The single is out a year after Overmono’s highly regarded debut album Good Lies was released.

Overmono‘s highly sought-after remix of The Streets‘ “Turn The Page” has been a highlight among their sets for over a year now, becoming one of the duo’s most requested track IDs. The song debuted with Jack Saunders on BBC Radio 1’s Hottest Record of the Week, and it has since been made available via XL Recordings‘ renowned housebag series.

The remix has become well-known through word-of-mouth, and critics and fans all over the world praised it prior to its release. The song, which Rolling Stone UK called a “glitchy techno banger,” has become a highlight of the duo’s highly praised live performance over the previous two years.

The rework of the “Turn The Page”, the first song on The Streets’ critically acclaimed Original Pirate Material debut album has emerged as a pinnacle moment in the duo’s critically acclaimed live show over the last two years. From their Coachella debut to their Boiler Room and more recent sold-out headline show at London’s The Roundhouse, Overmono’s version Turn The Page” continues to resonate across continents, solidifying its status as a timeless dancefloor anthem.

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