Printworks may reopen in 2026, with property developers filing plans for a “cultural venue” in the old nightclub. British Land and AustralianSuper filed a detailed proposal to the council on Monday to redevelop the Rotherhithe site into a permanent cultural facility with office spaces, an exhibition space and a live music venue.

London’s fabled 6,000-capacity superclub, Printworks, may return in 2026 following property developers submitted proposals to Southwark council. Property developers are now in negotiations with former Printworks operators Broadwick Live about the management of a proposed music venue within the former printing press.

The planned designs would occupy one-half of the current structure, which used to house the Daily Mail and Evening Standard’s printing presses, while the other half, known as the Grand Press, would be converted into offices and shops for 1,500 people. They aim to get planning authorisation within a few months.

British Land is to add a rooftop terrace to the building, as well as a number of additional meeting and conference rooms with views of the Press Halls.

AustralianSuper’s head of Real Assets for Europe, Paul Clark, said: “Printworks will be a cultural centrepiece to a major placemaking project that reflects both the long-term nature of AustralianSuper’s capital and our ongoing commitment to London and the UK.”

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