The Public Art Mural (Exempted Development) Bill will be introduced in Dáil Éireann today (2nd of February 2023) to address the issue of public art in Ireland. Take a look at some murals that we’re painted in Dublin City venues over the years inside.

The Bill will be introduced to the Dáil as a Private Member’s Bill. It will then undergo the following stages: First Stage (Initiated), Second Stage (Debated), Third Stage (Committee), Fourth Stage (Report), Fifth Stage (Final) and Enactment. Full details are available on the Oireachtas website. The more support in advance of Second Stage the greater the possibility that the Bill will pass to the Third Stage. Please make your voice heard. 

You can download the letter of support HERE.

“We see public art as art for the public by the public. Local Government seem to see it as art for the city as a bureaucratic function. This co-optation by local authority ultimately works to subvert the medium for its own ends. Through not engaging with this system, and everything that has come with that, our aim has been to highlight the underlying and overarching matter at play here – control. We believe art, craft and creation are keys to freedom of expression.”Subset.

Check out some murals from Dublin venues throughout the years below.


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