Rave The Planet, the heir to Love Parade returns to Berlin for its second edition on the 8th of July. Thousands of dancers will take to the streets of Berlin for peace and the recognition & preservation of electronic music and its cultural achievements.

This years moto for Rave The Planet 2023 is: Music Is The Answer. The parade will encompass the ethos and importance of electronic music within todays society. ‘Music is our language and the means of understanding’.

For the second time, we will take to the streets with interesting speeches and lots of music on July 08, 2023 to demonstrate for “peace, preservation of the electronic music culture and the recognition of its cultural and social achievements”.

It’s clear the festival’s intentions of spreading the significance in electronic music preservation is central at this years event. A number of floats will operates during the day, with a selection of DJs playing as picked by the floats.

You can find more about Rave The Planet 2023 here.

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