Shampain presents a new alternative documentary series from TG4 called Éire Eile. The Galway native deep-dives into contemporary Irish culture from Limerick’s hip-hop scene, queer Punk in Belfast, Ireland’s fight for late-night dancing, and more.

Cóil Collins, aka Shampain, hosts a brand new documentary series entitled Éire Eile on TG4, which dives into Irish subcultures ranging from electronic music and medieval sword fighting to queer punk and wheelchair basketball.

Shampain explores a variety of communities and the people, clubs, and organizations that help establish and preserve them over the course of eight episodes. Éire Eile is about what happens when individuals get together to create, compete, express themselves, and indulge in their hobbies as our job and social lives become increasingly remote. Shampain leads us in a joyful celebration of community, diversity, and inclusivity, diving headfirst into Ireland’s cultural undercurrents.

“The most moving part of making the series was witnessing the strength of communities and the empathy that exists within them. I grew up in a very rural area and people who didn’t understand me oftentimes made no attempt to understand my interests and just thought I was weird. Meeting these groups of people and doing it all as Gaeilge was an extremely positive experience and something that has really changed the way I see the world, because if people have each other’s backs and don’t give in to fear we could all get along with each other but more importantly learn from each other’s experiences in life.” – Cóilí Collins / Shampain

You can stream the series from TG4 from June 2nd.

Photo Credits: Cian Wood

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