Dublin City Council Parks wish to redevelop the Harbour Area in Portobello. This is the final day to sign the consultation on the preferred design at Portobello Square, which will save valuable public space that can be used for general public leisure and skating.

Dublin City Council Parks, Biodiversity, and Landscape Services wish to redevelop the Harbour Area in Portobello. The space is one of the last public spaces in Dublin City that can be used as a free space to socialise, and its benefits have been felt for decades. The city now risks losing yet another public space to another hotel development, as story we’re all too familiar with in Ireland’s capital.

An exhibition on the Preliminary Design Concepts for Portobello Harbour was held on July 21st, 2022 at St Kevin’s Community Centre in Portobello. These plans were further developed based on the feedback from that exhibition and we now have a Prefered Design which was presented St Kevin’s Community Centre on the 31st of May 2023.

This online consultation on the preferred design has been running for one week since June 1st and today (June 8th) is now the final day to voice your opinions and concerns. All feedback and comments is welcomed and encouraged from anyone interested in the project but especially for those local residents who could not attend the exhibition on the 31st of May 2023.

“Portobello is a rare example of what can be on offer for anyone who wants a space to socialise in the city, without the need to pay for doing so. That space was never intended to be attractive to young people. Another one stop coffee shop for office workers turned into a fantastic place to meet up, relax, play and skate through sheer luck. Growing up in the area I’ve got a special place for it, seen what it can offer to people as a social space, and we have the chance to make it something special again, but only if the number of voices are on our side. We have one day left to fill out the final consultation.”Phil Halton

When you’re filling out the form, please reference the importance skateboarding has been for the area, making it safer and more lively, and how the pedestrianisation of the existing one-way road and cycle track will enhance the space overall and allow for multi-use activities.

You can sign the consultation here.

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